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USS Hercules NCC-71864 Specifications
In the year 2373, after the initial success of the Galaxy Class Refit, refit began on an existing Nebula Class ship. The USS Bismarck was dry-docked at Avalon Fleet Yards. The project was to refit the ship to be more survivable in combat. This would include the installation of the Phaser 'cannon' developed for the Galaxy Class refit, stronger shielding, extra maneuverability and speed, an enhanced weapons pod, and enlarged shuttle bay.

        Category: Explorer/Dreadnought          Weapons:
                                                Phasers: 12 Type XI arrays
                                                          1 Ventral Phaser Cannon 
        Length: 442 meters                      Fore + Aft Torpedo Launchers: 2
        Height: 130 meters                         photon torpedoes: 700
        Width: 315 meters                          quantum torpedoes: 250
        Mass: 3,309,000 metric tons                hellfire torpedoes: 40
                                                   transphasic: 6
                                                   tri cobalt torpedoes: 20
        Decks: 34 (42 w/pod)                    
        Crew: 155 officers, 625 enlisted        Defences:
              130 passengers, 290 marines          Ablative armor
        Maximum Capacity: 1100                     MLSS
                                                   Klingon cloak, hull-conformal
        Auxiliary Craft:                          
          Shuttle Bays: 2                       Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 7.2
          Shuttles: 18                          Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.7
          Fighters: 7 Razor Class fighters      Maximum Speed: Warp 9.95 (12 hrs)
          Runabouts: 6                           
             1 Blackhawk Class Runabout         Expected Duration: 100 years
             1 Danube Class Runabout            Time Btwn. Resupply: 5 years
             1 Repulse Class Runabout           Time Btwn. Refits: 10 years
             1 Delta Flyer
             1 Beowulf class Interceptor
             1 Warhammer