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Following are the taken and available Medical and Science positions. Click "Join" under "Name" to apply for open positions. Click on names to read bios (if available). Click on "Position" to email Dept. Heads and Senior Staff. There are many science positions available, due to the fact that Nebula-class starships are routinely used as exploration and scientific vessels. If science is your thing, this is your ship!
Please note: These rank pips are used with permission of Steven Marriott and you should visit Tango Fleet's homepage or RPG Insignias to ask for permission to use them. Please do not copy them off of my site.

Science Dept. Website

*=Denotes Senior Staff
^=Denotes Department Head

Rank Name Position
Join Chief Science Officer (CSO) *^
Join Stellar Cartographer
Join Exobiologist
Ens. Calvin Satelk Scientist (NPC [Non-Player Character])
Join Scientist
Join Scientist (Astrometrics)


Rank Name Position
Dr. T 'Anna Kirk Chief Medical Officer (CMO) *^
Join Doctor
EMH Mark-1 (The Captain kept him from being uninstalled because he was 'logical')
Ensign Annaleah Nornjoka Chief Nurse^
Join Nurse
Join Ship's Counsellor *