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Current Mission
The Hercules' current mission is as follows:

"Yesterday's Hercules"

The USS Hercules has had a proper refit and is en route to Starbase 611 and the Kovar Colony, but after Commander Hein experiences a unique shift in reality, the stakes have gotten much higher. In a supposed alternate reality, war has broken out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It's impossible...but yet, it's happened.

The timely arrival of the Federation Timeship Relativity adds another layer of complexity to the story. It appears that Toral, son of the infamous Duras has found a way to manipulate time and change it so that the Empire and Federation are no longer allies, but blood enemies. His objective: complete, unremorseful destruction of the United Federation Of Planets. But, the captain of the Relativity adds more: this is only another front in the Temporal Cold War, an experience that the crew of the Hercules would not repeat anytime soon.

From Romulus, to Qo'Nos, to Vulcan and through time itself, the "Hercules" sifts through all the lies, treachery and paradoxes to save the Federation and the universe itself...once again.

Mission Status: The Hercules is setting out from Earth, enroute to Sector 611 with supplies and equipment for the Kovar Colony and has encountered the timeship Relativity

Recruitment Status: Applications currently being accepted; New crew members will be written in during the mission "Yesterday's Hercules". (Please write to the captain with any questions regarding this)