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Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Walker Chief Helm/Conn Officer (Flight Control Dept. Head)*^ Chief Helmsman

Occupants: Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Walker
Location: Deck Two, Aft-Starboard



There are several ways of getting promo points:

Method Points Awarded
Email Mission Posts 2
Special Puzzles 5
Log Posts 3
Contributing to Website Design/Maintenance 4
Winning at Pool 2
Excellent Posting 5
Earning Medals 4
Recruiting Players 10

Point Scales (and Crew Stats) are as follows:

NAVAL (Starfleet Officers)
Rank Abbr. Pts. to Achieve
Captain Capt. 150+
Commander Cmdr. 130
Lieutenant Commander Lt. Cmdr. 75
Lieutenant Lt. 40
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lt. JG 25
Ensign Ens. 10

Name Current Rank Current # of Points
Captain Salak Capt. 150
Commander Guru Cmdr. 121
Lieutenant Corlion Lt. 52
Lieutenant Darvon Lt. 52
Lieutenant Commander Hein Lt. Cmdr. 75
Lieutenant Commander Walker Lt. Cmdr. 79
Ensign Racheal Beaumont Ens. 12
Lt. Gabriel Dark Lt. 45

Rank Abbr. Pts. To Achieve
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO 100+
Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO 90
Chief Petty Officer CPO 70
Petty Officer First Class PO1 70
Petty Officer Second Class PO2 40
Petty Officer Third Class PO3 25
Crewman CM 20
Crewman Apprentice CMA 15
Crewman Recruit CMR 10

MARINE OFFICERS (Starfleet Marines)
Rank Abbr. Pts. to Achieve
Colonel Col. 120+
Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Col. 100
Major Maj. 70
Captain Capt. 40
First Lieutenant Lt1 25
Second Lieutenant Lt2 10

Rank Abbr. Pts. to Achieve
Sargeant Major SMaj. 100+
Master Sargeant MSgt. 90
Gunnery Sargeant GSgt. 70
Staff Sargeant SSgt. 40
Sargeant Sgt. 25
Corporal Cpl. 20
Lance Corporal LCpl. 15
Private 1st. Class Pvt1. 10
Private Pvt. 5

Lt. James Darvon (LOA) None as of yet