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The Hercules has a small Starfleet Marine Corps. detatchment. They work closely with our security forces, both on away missions and shipboard security.
Also, our marines defend the ship in battle situations using their squadron of fighters.

Following are available and open positions in the USS Hercules' Marine detatchment. Click on "Join" under "Name" to apply for open positions. Click on names for bios (if available). Click on "Position" to email Dept. Heads and Senior Staff.

Please note: These rank pips are used with permission of Steven Marriott and you should visit Tango Fleet's homepage or RPG Insignias to ask for permission to use them. Please do not copy them off of my site.

*=Denotes Senior Staff
^=Denotes Department Head

Rank Name Position
First Lieutenant Michael Corlion Marine Commanding Officer (MCO) *^
Join Marine Second-In-Command
Join Marine Intelligence Officer
Join Marine
Join Marine