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Ship's Motto: "Words without thought never to Heaven go" -William Shakespeare

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You've reached the official site of the Federation Starship USS Hercules, a Nebula-class Refit starship registry NCC-71864. She is a member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 21 (SABRE Ops), and she's the flagship of Task Group 4. The starship is based out of Starbase 611, Sector 611 and is commanded by Captain Salak, the Task Group Commanding Officer for TG4. The Hercules is now recieving applications for crewmembers. See below for our current mission.

The Hercules is a PBeM (Play By e-Mail) Star Trek SIM. What is a BBeM? Well, to put it simply, you are playing a Role Playing Game (RPG). NO! It's not a Final Fantasy style RPG (heaven forbid), but rather you assume the role of one character. Now that character interacts with other characters and the stories develop through e-mail sent to the group. You must become part of this group to participate in the missions. You can click the Bravo Fleet link below for more information.

Further Resources:

Crew Manifest

Ship Specs

Current Mission

USS Hercules Ship's Logs (must be a crewmember and registered to post logs)

Ship's Directory

Last updated SD 57211.5

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