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1. What is the "Hercules"

A: The Hercules is a Play By Email RPG Sim.

2. What is a RPG?

A: A RPG is an acronym for "Role Playing Game". Now I'm pretty sure you've heard of "Dungeons and Dragons". If not, then surely you've heard of "Final Fantasy". If not, then you must have been living on Mars with your eyes shut and fingers in your ears. (boy I love the Simpsons) Anywho, "Final Fantasy" is a video game RPG. You play the roles of various characters and play through a story. Now, Final Fantasy has become nothing more of a 'copy of a copy', but that doesn't mean the essence of what it is can't apply here. 

Hercules specific: you play as ONE character in a group of many characters. It's almost an 'MPORPG'. (Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game like EverQuest or Final Fantasy XI) You interact with others through e-mail and develop the story. Now, only the Captain can begin and end the stories, however your input is much needed.

3. How do I advance in rank? I don't want to be a (lieutenant, ensign, captain, commander) all my life.

A: Sucking up does help, or sexual favours do work too...NO! I'm kidding. Anybody who thinks I'm serious I'll make you walk the plank. 

To be perfectly honest, you advance in rank by posting posts that are relevant, help move the plot and develop your character and the characters around you.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. By selecting an open position on the Crew Manifest, and clicking on the "Join" link, you will be brought to the Bravo Fleet Player Application Form. When filling out this form, please do the following:

-If you have any instant messengers, please fill them out on the form; any that you don't have, simply type N/A
-When choosing a desired ship class, please select Nebula-Refit; when it asks for your specific ship, please select "USS Hercules, TF21" (or however it's listed on the form).
-Lastly, when choosing your position: some that I have listed on the site don't 'conform' to the BF selections; simply select the closest position to your choice. Also, when it asks "Officer or Enlisted", please choose the one that is appropriate for the position; recoding the officer positions is time consuming (However, special cases MAY be considered).

Q. What is powersimming?

A. "Powersimming" is where you, as your character, single-handedly find the solution to the mission, or repair a damaged warp core, etc. that would in actuality take the work of the whole team of people. This is an unacceptable practice; posts which I (or Commander Hein) feel fall into this category will be halted before being sent to the group.

Q. Can I have someone play a family member?

A. Yes. If you know of someone (even an actual family member) who has an interest in joining our ship, then by all means, help them sign up. If, however, you feel your character needs a family but have no one to play the part, then create an NPC family. Many of the crew have done this; there's nothing wrong with it, but be aware that NPC's can be used by any of the crew members, not necessarily just by you. They cannot be taken out of character, however.