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The following are filled and available positions in the Engineering/Security division. Please click "Join" under "Name" to apply for an open position. Click on names to read bios (if available). Also, click on "Position" to email Dept. Heads and/or Senior Staff.

Please note: These rank pips are used with permission of Steven Marriott and you should visit Tango Fleet's homepage or RPG Insignias to ask for permission to use them. Please do not copy them off of my site.

*=Denotes Senior Staff
^=Denotes Department Head


Rank Name Position
Lieutenant Michael Corlion Chief Engineer *^
Ensign Andrej V Engineer
Ensign Andrew Witham Engineer
Ensign Plex (NPC) Engineer
Join Warp Core Specialist (Enlisted Position)
Join Computer Specialist (Enlisted Position)
Join Technician (Enlisted Position)


Rank Name Position
Lt. JG Majella Aizdaj Chief of Security/Tactical Officer *^
Ensign Luc K'Aremis Security Officer
Join Security Officer
Join Security Officer (Brig)


Rank Name Position
Lt. JG Charles Maynard Operations (Ops) Officer *^ (Second Officer)
Join Chief Shuttle/Runabout Pilot ^
Join Shuttle/Runabout Pilot
Join Transporter Chief (Enlisted Position)