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Following is the ship's directory for the USS Hercules, NCC-71864.

Directory is sorted by Deck.


DECK ONE-Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge
DECK TWO-Crew Quarters, Senior Officers' Quarters
DECK THREE-Crew Quarters, Upper Main Shuttlebay
DECK FOUR-Crew Quarters, Main Shuttlebay
DECK FIVE-VIP Quarters, Crew Quarters, Lower Main Shuttlebay (Maintenance)
DECK SIX-Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Transporter Rooms 1-4, Upper Secondary Shuttlebay, Environmental Systems, Science Labs
DECK SEVEN-Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Transporter Rooms 5&6, Secondary Shuttlebay, Environmental Systems
DECK EIGHT-Captain's Quarters, Senior Officers' Quarters, Crew/Guest Quarters, Counsellor's Office, Stellar Cartography (Upper), Storage
DECK NINE-Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Stellar Cartography (Main), Main Computer Core
DECK TEN-Crew Quarters, Ten Forward, Holodecks 1-4, RCS Thrusters
DECK ELEVEN-Holodecks 5-8, Conference/Banquet Room, Crew Quarters
DECK TWELVE-Sickbay (and associated facilities), Gymnasiums 1-4, Holosuites 1-8, CMO's Office, Conference/Banquet Rooms, Holodeck/Holosuite Programming
DECK THIRTEEN-Crew Quarters, Upper Cargo Bays, Cargo Operations
DECK FOURTEEN-Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays (P/S), Phaser Cannon (Outer Hull)
DECK FIFTEEN-Cargo Loading Doors, Lower Cargo Bays, Crew Quarters, Auxillary Cargo Operations
DECK SIXTEEN-Captain's Yacht, Captain's Yacht Support Services, Crew Quarters, Forward Torpedo Launcher, Forward Torpedo Launcher Storage Magazine


DECK SEVENTEEN-Deuterium Tank Support, Upper Deuterium Tankage
DECK EIGHTEEN-Deuterium Tankage
DECK NINETEEN-Lower Deuterium Tankage, Deuterium Tank Support
DECK TWENTY-Engineering Support, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY ONE-Engineering Support, Secondary Computer Core, Crew Quarters, Aux. Stellar Cartography, Temporary Cryo-Storage
DECK TWENTY TWO-Engineering Support, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY THREE-Deflector Control, Engineering Support, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY FOUR-Crew Quarters, Lower Main Impulse Engine, Atmospheric Physics Lab
DECK TWENTY FIVE-Main Deflector, Crew Quarters, Consumables Storage, Upper Main Engineering, Assistant Chief Engineer's Office
DECK TWENTY SIX-Main Engineering, Warp Core, Chief Engineer's Office, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY SEVEN-Lower Cargo Bays, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY EIGHT-Cargo Storage, Crew Quarters
DECK TWENTY NINE-Upper Fighter Bay, Fighter Maintenance
DECK THIRTY-Fighter Bay, Marine Quarters, Marine CO's Quarters, Marine XO's Quarters
DECK THIRTY ONE-Lower Fighter Bay, Marine Operations, Marine Training Facilities, Marine Training/Tactical Holosuites, Additional Marine Quarters
DECK THIRTY TWO-Auxillary Fighter Bay
DECK THIRTY THREE-Rear Torpedo Launcher
DECK THIRTY FOUR-Main Tractor Beam, Rear Torpedo Launcher Storage Magazine, Auxillary Cargo Bays


DECK THIRTY FIVE-Upper Pod Sensor Maintenance, Combat Sensors
DECK THIRTY SIX-Combat Sensors, Astrometrics Lab/Sensors
DECK THIRTY SEVEN-Upper Main Impulse Engine, Crew Quarters, Emergency Deflector
DECK THIRTY EIGHT-Upper Main Impulse Engine, Crew Quarters
DECK THIRTY NINE-Weapon Banks (Phasers (Fore/Aft), Auxillary Forward/Rear Torpedo Launchers)
DECK FOURTY-Combat Sensors, Standard Sensors (for exploration, catalouging and short/medium/long range sensor scans)
DECK FOURTY ONE-Science Labs, Sensor Monitoring, Auxillary Combat Sensors
DECK FOURTY TWO-Upper Observation Area, Secondary Officers' Mess