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Following is the command staff of the USS Hercules. If you'd like one of the positions available, click on "Join" under the "Name" column. Click on names to read bios (if they have one). Click on "Position" to email Dept. Heads and Senior Staff.

Please note: These rank pips are used with permission of Steven Marriott and you should visit Tango Fleet's homepage or RPG Insignias to ask for permission to use them. Please do not copy them off of my site.

*=Denotes Senior Staff
^=Denotes Department Head

Rank Name Position
Capt. Salak Commanding Officer, CO *^
Cmdr. Thomas Hein Executive Officer, XO (First Officer) *
Join Strategic Operations Officer *
Join Starfleet Intelligence Officer (Intelligence Department Head)*^
Ensign Quaid Mitchell Helmsman
Join Helmsman
Please Note: Some of the Command/Bridge crew are sorted into other divisions. Please look through the entire Crew Manifest to find the position that's right for you.