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Starfleet Intelligence Agent/Operative
(insignia worn on right tunic sleeve, under jacket)

Captain Salak

Full Name: Salak, son of Soval
Age: 35
Species: Vulcan
Rank: Captain
Current Assignment: USS Hercules NCC-71864
Last Assignment : USS Aasimov NCC-10428
Service Number: 692-505-6232-Alpha
Place Of Birth: Vulcan
Date Of Birth: 10/12/2344
Place Of Education: Vulcan
Marital Status: Married
Family: Wife T'Landra; Sons Sorok, Sanal, Torok; Daughter T'Ral
Height: 6' 0"
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Special: Small scar above left eye, from accident involving an injured sehlat
Qualifications: Speaks fluent Vulcan, English and Bajoran
Starfleet Command School Special Honors

Personality Profile:

Salak is a loving father and husband. Always has a great respect for command and crew of a starship. Father was a computer specialist for Starfleet, mother a teacher. All of his family except sister entered Starfleet; father in service with Starfleet for nearly 50 years.

Salak grew up in a prosperous city on Vulcan, and had correspondance with human friends of the family on Earth. His pet sehlat was killed during a storm near his home. From that day on, he has vowed to protect life as much as possible. A scientist at heart, he started the Vulcan Science Academy program for two years before transferring to Starfleet Academy. His first mission was exploration of a derelict vessel. When the senior officer of the Away Team was killed, he helped command and got the team out safely.

A skilled politician and diplomat, he enjoys the exploration aspect of Starfleet. Although, if necessary, he will enter into a battle situation without delay. Like all Vulcans, he likes to approach problems from a logical point of view. With a good deal of experience, he will be an asset to Starfleet.

Starfleet Intelligence Profile:

Currently on detatched service to SFI. Agent/Operative for Starfleet Intelligence for a number of years. Responsible for many successful operations on behalf of SFI. All further information is Classified, Security Level 15 or higher required to access dossier.