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Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Walker

Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Walker

NAME: Johnny Walker
SEX: Male
AGE: 26
SPECIES: Human/Bajoran
RANK: Lieutenant Commander

Johnny was born on Earth 25 years ago to a human father and a Bajoran mother. His mother had escaped during the occupation and fled to earth where she met his father John Walker Sr. He was a simple farmer and Johnny was their only child. They are still on Earth but he loves Bajor more and spend more time there.

Johnny joined Starfleet seven years ago with good intentions. Studied at the Academy for over four years. Was always top of the class in every subject. It was fantastic but what interested him most about it was that some day he would be able to fly one of the famed starships of Starfleet. So he studied the Helm to the very best and he was given that chance. When he graduated he was given time off to rest and prepare for life aboard a Starship. He is one for fun so he always goes where the parties and fun are. He spent a month at home where he like to be until his first assignement. He was on the way to Deep Space 12 aboard the USS Avenger where he was assigned to stay and be fully taught the skills of the Helms on some of the smaller ships. He spent six months there; mostly doing simulations.
This was the first ship he was on but only for a short while as crew was needed aboard the USS Avenger. This was an exciting ship to be on and everyone liked each other. It was where he met Lieutenant Meganie. It was a great ship to have served on with those people but unfortunately it was damaged in the war with the Cardassians and it was being repaired.

He has not heard anything from it since.

A little about Johnny: one for a party and fun. He loves a challenge with risk involved. Determined to do the best and a great Helmsman for any ship. He's young, innovative, intelligent and loved by women. His favourite place in the galaxy is Bajor, when not there on a Starship at the Helm or in sick bay with the female nurses.

Intrests & Hobbies: Loves exploring the galaxy and would one day love to be a Captain of a ship. Likes many sports such as soccer and football and is dedicated to keeping fit and healthy. Loves to learn new skills and languages and at present is beginning to learn Klingon. Collects weapons from many cultures throughout the galaxy and trains to use them. Loves to relax and listen to music with friends and family.

Description: Tall (6ft) and has white coloured skin, brown hair and eyes. Wears the Bajoran earing as a sign of dedication to his mother. Is broad and muscular and wears a tattoe on his right arm. Is dedicated to Starfleet and his crew members but deep down is a caring and loving individual.

Johnny has spent the last year aboard the USS Hercules. He has made many friends, and lost many to. It has been a difficult year on the ship and many times found themselves in the worst situations, with the Borg, the Krazzle, Section 31 and Dominion. Many times Johnny felt they would be destroyed. He has become a part of the ship and he plans to stand by her and its crew for years to come.