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Name: Jason Stevenson
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Backround: Born in Montreal, Canada Jason was raised in french Canada. He enjoys all sorts of sports, music. Jason also loved the fine arts, He knows how to play many different instruments. Jason almost made the canadian olympic fencing team but he was beaten out of the competion by another promising fencer. After that tragic moment he continued fencing and all forms of sword fighting he joined the starfleet acadamy after finishing three years in havard pre-med. He exceded many of his classmates with an overall iq of 173. He always had the natural talent of being a grade A pilot even though he never took many lessons. He has always dreamed of goin into the far reaches of space he had that chance after two years in the Starfleet acadamys medical program, it usually takes a normal human three-five years to complete the course. a year after he was assigned to the USS Quantum both his parents died of a terminal illness. He loves all sorts of different styles of foods his favorite is still chineese cuissene

Personality: Jason loves to have a good time whether it be with friends family or crew members but he does like to over indulge himself at times. when ever he has time off he usually spends it on a holodeck in war type simulations.

Starfleet backround: He took two years of Starfleet Med and first was assigned to the Quantum then two years later was assigned to the Hurcules