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Name: Scalat Silver
Race: Nausican
Gender: Male
Scalat was trained in all forms of battle. He is known as the "calmest" nausican that ever attended Starfleet Academy. His ability to control his emotions must have come from his adopted father Anton Silver. Anton adopted Scalat when he found him on a nearly deserted planet that Starfleet was aiding about 52 years ago. Scalat, 52, was quite the cadet at Starfleet Academy. He was there six years. he was demoted twice for almost killing a cadet, during a domjot game where he was accused of cheating by a lowerclass cadet. He was nearly expelled after the cadet had to have his heart replaced with a mechanical one. After he graduated about 19th in his class. He returned to the Vulcan homeworld to study there for five years, in the many arts of control and deveotion and other vulcan methods. As instructed by his father. He then went to the Nausican homeworld to explore his heritage. There he remained for 7 years. Celebrating his 32nd birthday with his father before being told to join Starfleet. His father requested him to attempt to be assigned to the same ship and assingment as him. Scalat refused saying he needed to do things on his own. After being alone for several months he decided to look his father up. Seeing he was on the USS Hercules, he requested a position.