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Name: Athos Roark
Race: Human, African descent
Sex: Male
Roark was born to Henry and Elizabeth Roark on Earth, 24 years ago. He is married to Lisa Roark, of Betazed, a Federation aide-de-campe to diplomatic envoys. He spent his years going up in a military academy in France. His parents lived in the UK and visited rarely due to business obligations.

They own a small but impressive dilithium mining enterprise.

During his summer leaves, he would serve aboard his father's mining vessel, Shakey Temper. On board, he learned to live a rough life beyond the safety of large phaser banks and powerful shields.

He calls his five years at the academy (he was given a demerit for telling an older cadet where he could put that ion dampener next time he insulted Roark), "the most wonderful time of my life".

He is very motivated and prepared to serve in Starfleet.