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Name: Mira Ra'Hennet
Race: Casolian/Human
Sex: Female

Born and raised on the Casolian homeworld as a daughter of the Royal Family. She was brought up as a Casolian, never knowing of her human heritage. She was tought by the best hand-to-hand combat instructers in the Regieme. Her existance was one of the most highly kept secrets of the Casolian Regime. At 20, she fled her protected isolation to explore her human heritage. Her shuttle was picked up by the USS LaFayette and began the infamous 'Nebula Diplomacy' incident, in which several Casolian warships attacked Federation outposts and also engaged elements of Task Force 17 near the Hanoli Nebula in a coerced attempt to retrieve her.

She was subsequently allowed to enter Starfleet as an 'exchange officer' at the rank of Lieutenant and assigned temporary duty abord the LaFayette before being transferred to Starfleet Command. After a couple of months, she requested transfer back to Starship duty.