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Name: Panthari
Race: Krazzle
Gender: Female
Bio: Panthari is of the Panthla clan. She decided after her training, that she was not meant to stay in the clan. She didnt like the way females were treated. She herself had a mutation, similar to betazoids. She could sense peoples thoughts, read their emotions. She could almost smell fear. She decided that the rules of the clan were not those she wanted to follow. She went to earth, flying a krazzle fighter. The only ship she could afford to steal, and hoped to join starfleet, she had heard of their Prime Directive and thought she would be better suited as a Starfleet officer. During her trip[ from Krazzle space to Starfleet, she was attacked by the borg. They would have killed her if she wasnt rescued by the Raydean. A people that the Krazzle were sworn to hate. She was thankful and promised that she would do everything in her power to help them against the Krazzle. Getting to Earth, she joined the academy, and graduated about middle of her class in her academics, and with honors in all military studies as well as medical and psychology classes. She was definately a warrior. Born and raised. She then applied to the Starfleet Marine Corps as an Intelligence officer. She was accepted and granted the rank of Lt2. She worked hard on earth to do what she could to fulfill her promise and manage her position. Thats when she was given the option to join the fleet. She gladly accepted and began searching for a ship in need of a Marine Intelligence officer. Seeing the Hercules, she decided that she would apply hoping they were in need. For she thought it was one of the best looking ships in the fleet, as well as one with a good reputation.