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Ensign Quaid Mitchell

Name: Quaid Mitchell
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Birthdate: September 10, 2343
Rank: Ensign
Homeworld: Alpha Centauri
Assigned ship: USS Hercules NCC-71864
Post: Helmsman
Parents: unknown

Starfleet Academy:
Years: 4 (w/Security officer training).
Cadet cruise: Served aboard the USS Cole. Cadet Mitchell recieved an injury & a medal, but refused a promotion. He had placed his life in danger on an away mission to save another cadet and an officer.

Psych Profile: Quaid as of this evaluation has no known phobias. He thinks very highly of himself, and at times has a problem with an ego. Although he will not take credit for something he deserves. He's an adopted child. He was found on Remus and through peace talks was returned to the Federation. As he develops his potential, he marvels at his own abilities.

Starfleet Security: Quaid has shown an excellent potential for tatics, but prefers security. He has excelled with most major weapons. He is fluent in Tai-Bo, hand to hand combat, and the ancient Vulcan Martial Arts. Quaid is able to fill either tatics or security.

Note to Commanding Officer: I would leave him at the helm & use him when necessary, as relief at tatics/security.