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Name: Byron "B.K." Knight, V
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Byron is from a small suburb out side Dublin Ireland. When he was growing up his passion was fixing up old Earth modes of transportation, converting the power sources and driving/flying them. > His pride and joy was an old US Air force Plane he found in a valley almost completely dry rotted out and to some unsalvageable. He unearthed what was left of it and found hanger space for it. It took him 6 months to refurbish the body in to a recognizable form. He had found out that this plane was an old US A - 10, attack plane. After he got all the bodywork done on it he swapped the old style landing gear out for a modern hover system, and he replaced the seized liquid fuel engines with a fusion system that he fit in to the existing engine housings. He had left the old stick and rudder system for flight controls in there, but he modified them so that each move of the stick or rudder would connected to a micro computer and that computer would translate those movements to direct the plane, basically a fly by wire system, only modern day components. He had made some modifications to the wing so that he would not need a large hanger for it, what he did was he hinged the wings in two places, one near the body, and one near the middle of the wing so that the wings could fold up and maximize space. What was so amazing about his is that he had done this, while attending school and he had only started this when he was 16. He had completed the entire project, got it check by the proper authorities and 3was cleared to fly it by his 18th birthday. It kind of helped that his father was a local big wig in the political circles.

After high school, he studied and received his commercial shuttle license, and when ever he gets the chance, he takes his personnel shuttle, from home and does a cargo run or two, just to keep in practice of flying, in space and in an atmosphere.

He obviously work well alone, but he works better in teams or groups, that way he can concentrate on one task and get it done to close to perfection. He also tends to be a natural leader, he has sixth sense to for see what needs to be done for a project and predict when it needs to be done, and how, it needs to be done.

His father is a political leader in his hometown, and he is also the owner of the largest pub in Dublin. His mother is a professor of education at the University of Ireland. He has one younger sister how is still in high school, but like himself, she excels at what she does best which is composing and recording her compositions.

Since his father owns a pub, he had spent time behind the bar mixing drinks and pouring shots. He knows his liquors, and relaxes by enjoying a scotch or a fine whisky from his father's personal stock.