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Ens. Luc K ' Aremis

Name: Luc K'Aremis
Race: Android/Klingon
Gender: Male

Activation Date: December 13, 2354
Believed to be Created by: Data
Rank: Ensign
Homeworld: Earth
Assigned Ship: USS Hercules NCC-71864
Post: Security Officer

Klingon Warrior Academy:
Years: 4

Graduated with honors in security & tatics, for the house of Valtev. Requested & recieved permission to continue studies at Starfleet Academy. He holds a degree in military Science.

Cadet Cruise:
Klingon Battle Cruiser: As part of a cadet exchange, Cadet K'Aremis completed his cadet cruise aboard a Klingon Battle Cruiser. He earned the respect of his peers from both races.