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Full Name: Andi Guru
Age: 31
Species: Terran / Human
Rank: Commander
Current Assignment: USS Hercules NCC-71864
Position: Chief Operations Officer, Second Officer
Last Assignment : USS Faragut
Service Number: 107-0733-A
Place Of Birth: Byron Bay, Australia, Earth, Sector 001
Date Of Birth: 21/05/2347
Place Of Education: Starfleet Academy
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'10"
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Blue
Qualifications: Speaks basic Klingon and Romulan
Captain Starfleet Academy debating team
High telepathic quotient for Terran

Starfleet Career/Personality Profile:

Commander Guru is a dedicated officer with a definate eye on the Captain's chair. Starfleet Academy was a challenging time for him as a restless and inquisitive youth, but an adept student and quick hand along with his compassionate heart give Guru an unquenchable thirst for adventure and discovery. Having initially served duty initially as a junior science officer on remote Outpost 41, Ensign Guru soon signed up for tactical duty aboard the Farragut on security staff and as shuttle pilot, before being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Hercules as a member of the senior staff as Operations officer. His calm and rational nature and ultimate regard for the Prime Directive make him the perfect choice for negotiating difficult diplomatic situations. Cmdr Guru has commanded away teams and a number of vessels on previous assignments, and is a fully accredited medic. During one recent mission, Lt.Cmdr Guru briefly commanded the USS Defiant in combat against the Dominion. Cmdr Guru enjoys the company of Vulcans, and appreciates their calm and objective approach whilst maintaining his more human elements such as humor and irony. Keen to develop his unusually high telepathic ability for a human, he enjoys interacting with Betazoids and other telepathic races. He has developed a firm friendship with Lt. Cmdr John Walker, as one of the Hercules longest serving officers. Commander Guru (Andi to his close colleagues) has a passion for philosophy and anthropology. In his years aboard the Hercules as Operations chief he has come to know her operations like the back of his hand. While he is more than capable with technology and combat, at the end of the day he prefers to rely on instinct and insight than readings and data or violence.