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Name: Nicholas Force
Race: Raydeen
Gender: Male
Bio: Nicholas was raised on his homeworld to be a doctor, work with medicine. Thats what his people do. However, he has never really wanted to do that. He has always wanted to explore the galaxy. He has always wanted to be on a starship. As such, he worked his way into the job of strategic operations officer aboard one of the vessels protecting his homeworld. It never left his starsystem. He hated it. When the Raydeen joined Starfleet, he leaped at the chance to join the academy. His parents refused. When he turned 22, he applied at the academy. He was acepted. He went and returned home aftyer graduation. His mother welcomed him home, his father did not. He treid to explain that he wanted to use what he knew to help people and that would give him a chance to explore the galaxy, but his father wouldnt have it. He finally decided that his father would never welcome him back, so he was preparing to return to starfleet to get his first assingment, and his mother requested that he take his 6 year old brother, Pheonix, with him.
His brother never stopped talking about how he was going to be just like Nicholas when he got older. He was gonna join Starfleet too. His father was going crazy. Now Nicholas is joining the ranks of starfleet hoping for a great assingment that will accept his brother as well as him warmly into their ranks. This he hopes to find aboard the USS Hercules. His favorite earth hero.