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Name: Dan Ferro
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Born on Saragossa, Spain, Dan Ferro, spent a parentless childhood. His mother died giving birth, and his father, a Federation ambassador spent most of his time away from home. Dan was raised by his brother Pablo and her foster sister Maria. An erratic student, Danīs grades were mediocre and he spent most of his free time by himself, hunting in the mountains. There he developed his love for weapons, specially old gunpowder ones. On his 18th birthday, his father gave him his graduation present: he would make sure that Danīs application for a diplomat post on the Federation would be accepted. Dan knew of his father dislike for what he called "the Starfleet cowboys" and just to spite him, he tried out for Starfleet Academy, leaving home after a angry discussion with his father. Much to his surprise he was accepted, and he realized he truly desired to enter Starfleet.

A natural talent in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat he wanted to become a security officer, trying to get a post as such when he graduated. Dan is a fun-loving, rash young man, who sees a Starfleet as an opportunity to get out and explore the galaxy, and also to get back at his father. He is a little individualistic and undisciplined, his problems on the Academy arising from this dislike of order and rules; however he understands his duty to Starfleet and will carry out his orders.