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Name: Tomanta (Tom) D'Arture
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Born in Great Britain on Earth, moved to Louisiana at about age 8, and moved again to San Fransisco at 14. This results in odd speech patterns from him, he has an odd nack to switch between accents from these places, usually preferring the latter accent of American English over Cajun or British.

Tom joined Starfleet as soon as he could, and has served faithfully in the years since [he is now 26]. He is currently awaiting reassignment, having taken some shore leave. Tomanta has a love of late twentieth century literature and earth history in general. He has taken to learn various arts of sword fighting in his spare time, since he moved to San Fransisco.

Tom's parents, both professional dance instructors and operators of a chain of entertainment facilities, which they started when they moved to San Fransisco, are supportive of his career in Starfleet.

He is driven to be the center of attention when he can, usually by slightly odd behaviour, but only at appropriate moments. When he is on duty he is as serious as can be.