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Name: Gabriel Dark Race: Human/Maran hybrid Gender: Male Bio: Gabriel is a Human/Maran hybrid. Marans are a somewhat elusive race recently discovered by the Federation near the edge of the Beta quadrant. Marans are just like humans in their outer appearance except all Maran's have green, blue, or silver eyes. Marans are also resistant to telepathic powers and are extremely adept at hand-to-hand combat. They are somewhat stronger then humans (More information on the Maran race can be found at this site). Marans are also highly loyal to their friend' reason they get along with the Klingons so well.

Gabriel's father was a Maran observer before they contacted Starfleet found. His father worked as a chief engineer aboard a number of vessels, and his mother was one of the leading minds in Starfleet medicine.

When his true identity was discovered, Gabriel expected to be marshaled out of the academy, which was the furthest thing from the truth. Instead, in light of recent losses to the Dominion and Borg, the Federation welcomed him, and any other Maran into Starfleet.

Gabriel excelled at the tactical/security programs in Starfleet and even took up a second major in starship operations. He has just recently graduated.

Gabriel is tall, standing ay 5'9 with a well-defined build. He works out regularly and is known to own at least one Bat'leth. He has one green eye and one silver eye, and blondish brown hair. He like other Maran's also has a warm infectious smile.