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Name: Jayson Borne
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Jayson Borne is an Australian born native of Earth. Jayson's father left them when he was very young, prompting his mother to San Francisco, where she began researching weapons for Starfleet Command. This caused Jayson to spend much of his childhood years around Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy.

Jayson didn't follow his mothers footsteps, instead his interests laid in the medical field. When he was old enough he enrolled in Starfleet, but he didn't appear to have enough challenge ahead of him, so he switched to the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Jayson soon found that the Marine forces were more then a challenge. He began training as a field medic, something that suited his love of medicine. After spending a year training with the Marine Corps he transferred back to Starfleet, where he would meet Gabriel.

Gabriel and Jayson became fast friends. They went everywhere together, and Gabriel soon found himself inviting Jayson to join the intimate friendship bonding ritual. Jayson agreed, and they underwent the ritual.

A year later Jayson found himself facing a choice.a choice that would cause the break up of Gabriel's and Jayson's friendship. This would leave both Jayson and Gabriel hurt, although Gabriel would rarely speak of it. Jayson would come to regaurd Gabriel as somewhat stubborn and this would cause the rift to grow even further.

Jayson stands 5'8 with spike blonde hair and deep green eyes. He is defined and well built and enjoys swimming and kick boxing (he was the one that taught Gabriel the ancient Earth fighting style). He also enjoys working out.

His interests include holographic technology and artifical intelligence. He is also very found of 21st century rock, something that drove his roommates insane.