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Lieutenant JG T Anna Kirk

Name: T'Anna Kirk Race: Vulcan Gender: Female Bio:

Personnel File: Kirk, T'Anna (Played By: T'Anna Jami Harrington)
Rank: Lt. JG
Assignment: Chief Medical Officer
Full Name: T'Anna Jami Kirk
Year Of Birth: 2359.08
Place Of Birth: Vulcan
Education: Vulcan Science Academy, Starfleet Academy
Marital Status: Bonded
Children: None
Quarters: Deck Eight, Forward-Port
Starfleet Career Summary:
Studied for most of her medical training at Vulcan Science Academy.
Completed training at Starfleet Medical. Upon completion entered Starfleet Academy for officer training. Excelled in all classes finished sixth in class.

Psychological Profile:

T'Anna is half, she claims her race as Vulcan. She does struggle @ times with this side of her, because of her human side, although she won't admit it. Though if you observe her closely you can see the struggle. She states she has a Vulcan mentor, [name classified] & of this I have no doubt. She is also bonded to another Vulcan. She deals well with other species & is well trained towards diplomatic missions. T'Anna has two parents & no siblings.

Her Biological parents both died when she was 8 years old. Her adoptive parents are [classified]. She, as stated before, has a bond mate, but has not completed the final ritual. Although as a young person she was not above sneaking out @ night to observe the stars, she could settle down to her studies without having to be reprimanded for misconduct or not paying attention.

She was bonded @ age seven, to another young Vulcan. Whose name is Sedek Troi. She does not allow her illness & impairment to stand in her way. The exact opposite, as a matter of fact. She has used both problems to attain, lifetime, but seprate goals.

Medical Report: Report of Starfleet:

T'Anna Kirk suffers from [Classified], a rare disease among Vulcan females, & even rarer among Vulcan males. Although the disease is not contagious to any other species. It henders the reproduction process. As of this report there is no cure for the disease. Which is quite a trial for any family devastated by this disease.

T'Anna's hearing impairment does not impede the speech or hearing process, due to a hearing implant. She does use the old American Sign Language, for emphasis behind her words. Look out when she is mad.

Performance Review: Report of Starfleet Science Division:

T'Anna does well as both a science officer and as a medical officer. It has been reported that in her off-time she spends most of it secluded in a lab, although for what reason was never discovered or disclosed. Her commanding officer found no reason to insist on the knowledge as to what she was doing.

End Personnel File