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Starfleet Intelligence Agent/Operative
(insignia worn on right tunic sleeve, under jacket)

Cmdr. Thomas G. Hein

Name: Thomas G. Hein
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Thomas Hein was born in the Demilitarized Zone, and was always a fan of intelligence, strategy and espionage. When the Federation signed its treaty with the Cardassians, thus creating the DMZ, Thomas thought a great deal about what was going on behind the scenes at Cardassia; something wasn't adding up. By this time, he was a young Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, and speaking with officers like Tom Riker, Chakotay and Cal Hudson, he thought about joining the Maquis, but decided not to. Tragedy befell Lt. Commander Hein when he was working at Utopia Planitia during the outbreak of the Dominion War. He lost the USS Prometheus to a group of Romulans and was thus demoted to a Junior Lieutenant, but Starfleet Intelligence saw something in this man something that was invaluable...They recruited him into their ranks and assigned him to the USS Hercules. Although not befriending many of the cerw early on, Commander Hein has worked to earn their respect and his own sense of pride back after what happened with the Prometheus. He's a married man now, and looking for a balance, but the life of a secret agent has never quite left him, and from time to time, likes to revert to such a person. It's what makes Commander Hein very dangerous and invaluable at the same time. Commander Hein has a keen interest in stellar cartography, and strategic operations. He is also quite the accomplished wrestler, after being the Academy's team captain in his senior year and by winning the Babel Olympics of '68. He plays the clarinet and when nobody's around, is quite the fan of musical theatre, namely productions like "Les MisÚrables", "Miss Saigon" and the 2001 musical, "Moulin Rouge!". However, he'd never admit it.

Starfleet Intelligence Profile:

Currently a member of Starfleet Intelligence. Access to classified and HSC information. Further dossier information requires Level 15A or higher security clearance.