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Lt. JG Majella Aizdaj

Name: Majella Aizdaj
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female


Birthdate: February 1, 2354
Age: 25
Parents' Names: Unavailable
Homeworld: Bajor
Assigned Ship: USS Hercules NCC-71864
Post: Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
Rank: Lt. JG

Starfleet Academy, Security:
Years: 5
Cadet Aizdaj completed her training without incident. She completed first in her class, second in her class in arms. Overall she completed third in her class.

Cadet Cruise:

USS Delacruise: Cadet Aizdaj showed an excellent tendency towards leadership. Though she needs to be urged to not use her finely honed defenses towards fellow crew members. Cadet Aizdaj follows orders of superiors quite well.

Early Life History:

Majella Aizdaj was raised on Bajor, in an orphanage. Her parents were killed in one of the Cardassian Camps. There is little information on Majella's parents.

Majella fought with the Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation. Once Bajor was free of the Cardassian Rule, Majella helped support the Provisional Government and helped to provide security as necessary.

Medical Report, Dr. M.:

On Majella's cadet cruise she recieved no injuries. She has previous injuries that have healed properly. These injuries include a compound fracture to the left tibia, simple fracture to the left wrist, and a hairline fracture to a two ribs.

Majella claims to have suffered most of the common childhood diseases that chidren suffer on Bajor. She claims to have no known allergies.